Here’s an old idea: Apprenticeships

TranZed Apprenticeship Services combines on-the-job, competency and project based training with high-quality job-related classroom instruction. An apprenticeship is a proven employment and training strategy that leads to a highly skilled, loyal and productive workforce. Apprenticeships offer an “earn and learn” model; apprentices are paid employees from day one and receive pay increases as they gain additional skills and mastery of their occupation.

A TranZed Apprenticeship is a three way partnership.

  • TranZed listens to what the employer needs, develops learning specific to the business, and finds the right apprentice for the job.
  • The employer invests in and supports the apprentice which enhances her skills to become a valued, long-term employee.
  • The apprentice embraces the employment opportunity and commits to mastering skills to become a loyal and productive employee.

A better workforce leads to a better future. Gain the upper hand–increased skills, motivation, productivity and dedication. TranZed Apprenticeships work.

What Apprenticeships do we Offer?

pdf-file-format-symbolIT Professional Apprenticeship (I & II)

pdf-file-format-symbolDigital & Social Media Apprenticeship

pdf-file-format-symbolCyber Security Apprenticeship


Those unfilled jobs you’re trying to fill? … We have the people you are looking for!

TranZed Apprenticeship Services recognizes your need for a well-rounded, productive, loyal employee. Degrees and certifications alone are not reliable indicators of an employee’s success in a particular career.
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Become an Apprentice…Don’t just get a job; get a career!

There is no one-size-fits-all path to a successful career, but a TranZed Apprenticeship works to bring you the best of both worlds: classroom instruction and relevant on-the-job learning. All while earning a salary.
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