One Day You’ll Look Back at this as the Day You Changed Your Future!

Apprenticeships offer a career path, not just a job.
Apprentices are matched with employers who recognize that a business’s success comes from its people.
The mutual investment between the employer and the apprentice pursues a common goal: enhanced skills, productivity and loyalty.

5 Reasons Why a TranZed Apprenticeship Will be the Best Choice for You


You Will Earn While you Learn

  • You’re hired! Apprentices are employees and earn a wage while working alongside experienced staff.
  • Employers value Apprentices and invest in your future to ensure that you develop needed skills.
  • As you gain experience, wage increases accordingly.
  • Skills gained through an apprenticeship increase the Apprentice’s future earning potential–without the Apprentice incurring tuition debt.


You Will Get Practical and Relevant Experience

  • Apprenticeships are designed to address an employer’s needs and to provide an Apprentice with the skills needed for success.
  • On-the-job training and experiences is complemented by 144+ hours of classroom instruction at the TranZed Academy.
  • Apprentices receive an individualized learning program that includes measurable goals to ensure appropriate progress.


We Will Support You During your Apprenticeship

  • TranZed Apprenticeship Services is committed to success.
  • In addition to serving as a training provider, TAS assigns a mentor to every Apprentice. Mentors work to ensure that the training addresses your needs and results in enhanced skills and job satisfaction.


You Will Continue to Advance

  • Apprentices gain required skills to be an essential part of the team.
  • Apprentices become valuable employees.
  • Employers who participate in apprenticeships often promote from within. By developing necessary skills, Apprentices have the potential for advancement within a business.


You Will Strengthen your Resume

  • Apprenticeship offers transferable skills.
  • More than 80% of apprentices report improved career prospects.

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