How much does a TranZed Apprentice earn?
Apprentices are employed from day one and earn a competitive salary, which has incremental raises built in as skill levels increase. The average salary for a fully proficient “journeyman” worker who completes an apprenticeship is $50,000 annually. Research shows that apprentices who complete their program earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more during their career than non-apprenticeship workers.
How do apprenticeships benefit employers?
Registered Apprenticeship programs help businesses develop highly skilled employees, reduce turnover rates, increase productivity and lower the cost of recruitment. Additional benefits include: Customized competency based training that meets industry standards, tailored to the specific needs of businesses, resulting in highly skilled employees.

  • Customized training that meets industry standards, tailored to the specific needs of businesses, resulting in highly skilled employees.
  • Increased knowledge transfer through on-the-job learning from an experienced mentor, combined with education courses to support work-based learning.
  • Enhanced employee retention: 91% of apprentices that complete an apprenticeship are still employed nine months later.
  • A safer workplace that may reduce worker compensation costs, due to the program’s emphasis on safety training.
  • A stable and reliable pipeline of qualified workers.
  • A systematic approach to training that ensures employees are trained and certified to produce at the highest skill levels required for the occupation.
  • Businesses may qualify for state-based tax credits available for apprenticeship program sponsors. Workforce systems and other community partners may also choose to contribute funding for training, supplies or other aspects of apprenticeship programs. These benefits reduce an employer’s investment in apprenticeship training costs.
What are Registered Apprenticeships?
Registered Apprenticeships are innovative work-based learning and post-secondary earn and learn models that meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor (or federally recognized State Apprenticeship Agencies. Registered Apprenticeship is an effective, proven approach to develop the skills needed to meet the needs of business for a highly skilled workforce. Apprenticeships are developed in partnership with the employer through an, “ear and learn” model that involves on-the-job training, and ob-related classroom instruction provided by TranZed industry skilled training and assessment staff. The model also involves progressive increases in an apprentice’s skills and wages.
Apprenticeship is a flexible training program that is tailored to meet the needs of any business. Apprentices can be new hires, or employers can select current staff who need their skills upgrading to join the apprenticeship program.
TranZed Apprenticeship programs continually develop, alongside industry standards and advancing technologies. Apprenticeships are not now just used in traditional industries such as construction and manufacturing, TranZed Apprenticeship Services are now introducing non traditional apprenticeship programmes such as IT Professional, Digital & Social Media and Cyber Security.
Is a Registered Apprenticeship a Job?
Yes, Apprentices start working from day one with incremental wage increases as they become more proficient. The starting wage for an apprentice varies across the many job roles within the IT, Digital & Social Media and Cyber Security Sectors. To date a TranZed Apprenticeship Salary is on average approximately $15.00 per hour.
How long are TranZed Registered Apprenticeship programs?
The length of an apprenticeship program depends on the complexity of the occupation and the type of program (Time-based, Competency-based, or Hybrid). Apprenticeship programs range from one (1) year to six (6) years. The TranZed IT, Digital and Cyber Security Apprenticeships will take around 12 months to complete depending on the level of Apprenticeship, your ability, commitment and opportunities you have to collect your evidence to show your competence. During the 12 month program, the apprentice receives both structured, project based, competency tested on-the-job training (OJT) and job-related classroom instruction at one of our academy sites. Over the year, the apprentice will receive normally 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and a minimum of 144 hours of related classroom instruction.
How is Registered Apprenticeship different from other types of work-based training?
A TranZed Registered Apprenticeship is distinguished from other types of workplace training by several factors: (1) participants who are newly hired (or already employed) earn wages from employers during training; (2) programs must meet clearly defined and on the job tested standards which are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor (or federally recognized State Apprenticeship Agencies; (3) programs provide on-the-job learning and job-related technical instruction; (4) on-the-job learning is conducted in the work setting under the direction of one or more of the employer’s personnel in partnership with a TranZed industry recognised workplace assessor; and 5) training results in an industry-recognized credentials.
What do I receive upon completion of my TranZed Registered Apprenticeship program?
After completion of an apprenticeship program, the apprentice earns a nationally recognized credential from the DLLR that is portable and stackable. Additionally,the apprentice will be issued with a TranZed Certificate and also become a member the “Apprentice Alumni Program” developed by TranZed and 3aaa USA. Also an apprentice, along with earning a paycheck throughout the apprenticeship, is also elevated to journeyworker status that leads to increased pay and upward career opportunities.
How does the TranZed apprenticeship model work?
The TranZed Apprenticeship model is a flexible training strategy that is individualised to meet the needs of each employer. As the employer, you will be given options as to how, when, and where related instruction is provided to your apprentices. It can take place during or after work hours, or be delivered in days or week blocks, or delivered while the apprentice works on the job. The instructional component can be arranged in different ways to suits both the employer and the apprentice.
Who is the Apprenticeship Sponsor?
TranZed Apprenticeship Services serves as your sponsor to register all apprenticeships through Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, taking away all the bureaucracy, so you can concentrate on growing your business. We share your goal of ensuring a successful apprenticeship, and the apprentice’s continued employment with your organization.
Can anyone become an Apprentice?
Apprenticeships are open to all age groups above 17 years-old whether you are just leaving school, college, have been working for years or are seeking to start a new career. You just need to have your High School Diploma or GED and gain at least level two in our Math and IT online tests.
Competition for places with employers can be fierce, so you will need to show that you are committed, and aware of your responsibilities to both yourself and the company who would employ you. You also need to be happy to work as both part of a team and individually, and be able to use your own initiative.


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