Who are we?

TranZed Apprenticeships is a non-profit delivering and supporting world class, non-traditional apprenticeship program developed to address this country's need for alternative career paths, as acknowledged by Former President Obama in his 2014 State of the Union. While federal and private student loan interests soar, college tuition continues to rise. Beyond the affordability consideration, college may not be the best option for a particular student for a variety of other reasons. Employers recognize that a degree alone does not guarantee an employee's career success. Other countries around the world have embraced apprenticeships as a better or best option for certain employment opportunities and have had great success.

TranZed Apprenticeships is an affiliate of The Children's Guild Alliance, an organization that began with the establishment of The Children’s Guild in 1953. The Children's Guild Alliance has grown to include the focus of  Transformation Education and workforce solutions.

TAS is the most recent affiliate of the TranZed Alliance (Alliance), an organization that began with the establishment of The Children's Guild in 1953. The alliance has grown to include additional programs to promote the Alliance’s overarching mission: Transformation Education. This culture creates management and staff who are agile thinkers who engage the individual student in the way that he or she learns best.

TranZed Apprenticeships has begun efforts in the Mid-Atlantic area, registered to deliver IT, Digital Media and Cyber Security Apprenticeships in Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania,and Washington DC.

An apprentice is employed full time and will receive on-the-job through a TranZed Apprenticeships employer. The apprentice will also receive 144+ hours of classroom training (both academic and soft skills) to maintain the apprentice’s occupational competence and address the employer’s business needs. The particular instruction is very flexible, tailored in partnership with the employer, and will often be project-based.

Team TranZed

Paul Champion

Erin Finnegan
Program Director