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An innovative, nonprofit apprenticeship intermediary with a mission to change lives through nontraditional, modern‑day Registered Apprenticeships.

Creating alternative pathways to in-demand, lucrative careers.

Supporting career-seekers, employers, and associations with proven workforce solutions.

Increasing the number of apprentices and apprenticeship programs throughout the US.

Direct Services

TranZed Sponsored Programs

Since 2016, TranZed Apprenticeships has sponsored and managed Registered Apprenticeship Programs in various occupations, including IT, cyber security, healthcare, and education across the U.S.

All TranZed programs are registered with the Department of Labor and reviewed and approved for curriculum, rigor, and quality.

When employers participate in a TranZed program, we work with them to truly understand their hiring needs and recruit candidates who meet the skills and company culture of the employer.

TranZed Apprenticeships provide:

Job training/experience or certifications.
Apprentices who are driven, eager to learn, and ready to work.
Training plans based on an employer’s needs.
A dedicated staff that works with apprentices and employers.
A minimum of 144 hours of related instruction and 2,000 on‑the‑job training hours.

Consultation Services

TranZed has Apprenticeship experts on staff to consult with employers and associations regarding the benefits of Registered Apprenticeships.

We work with employers to determine if a program fits their business and walk them through the process of building, registering, and sponsoring a program.

Program Management and Compliance Services

Accurate record-keeping, progress tracking, and compliance management are necessary for a successful program. TranZed takes this burden off the shoulders of the employers and manages all aspects of the program.

TranZed’s learning and success coaches work one-on-one with each apprentice.
Our mentors ensure progress is documented and work milestones are met.
On-the-job and related instruction hours are logged online for up-to-date reporting to the Department of Labor and employers.