The Transformative Power of Apprenticeships

TranZed Apprenticeships offers a full range of services to support the advancement of the "Apprenticeship Revolution" into the era of modern day, non-traditional Apprenticeships.

TranZed Apprenticeships goal is to dramatically increase the number of individuals who are gainfully employed in family-sustaining, lucrative careers through world-class, Modern Apprenticeship programs.

Since 2017, we have offered programs in Technology and Cyber industries and are currently registered in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia and Pennsylvania. Our programs have had tremendous success sourcing driven, talented and committed employees with entry to mid-level vacancies.

TranZed Apprenticeships tailors its training to the needs of the business and sources funding opportunities to support the employer. Our Award Winning programs have 97% success and retention rates.

The best way to learn more about all the benefits of a Registered Modern Apprenticeship brings, is to schedule a brief FREE consultation and job description review.  We consult with employers who are curious about apprenticeship using their “Open For Apprenticeships” tool kit that walks through the ins and outs of Modern Apprenticeships, calculates the cost saving associated with an apprentice as compared to a traditional hire and evaluates job descriptions and funding opportunities.

TranZed Apprenticeships is the most recent affiliate of the TranZed Alliance, an organization that began with the establishment of the Children’s Guild in 1953. The alliance has grown to include additional programs to promote the Alliance’s overarching mission: Transformation Education and workforce solutions.


A TranZed Apprenticeship is a Three Way Partnership

TranZed listens to what the employer needs, develops an Individual Learning Plan specific to the business, and finds the right apprentice for the job.

Employers invest in and support the apprentice which enhances their skills to become a valued, long-term employee.

Apprentices embrace the employment opportunity and commit to mastering skills to become a loyal and productive employee.

"We need to help workers of all ages earn a shot at better, higher paying jobs even if they don’t have a higher education. We want to recruit more companies to help provide Apprenticeships and other pathways so people can upgrade their skills. We are all going to have to do that in this new economy."

- Former US President Barack Obama

"Apprenticeship programs have evolved from plumbing, electrical, and construction to include fields like cyber security, biotechnology, and health care. This broader approach, with a focus on STEM, gives employers the opportunity to create a pipeline of world-class talent in in-demand industries."

- Maryland Secretary of Commerce Kelly M. Schulz


Those unfilled jobs you’re trying to fill? … We have the people you are looking for!

TranZed Apprenticeship Services recognizes your need for a well-rounded, productive, loyal employee. Degrees and certifications alone are not reliable indicators of an employee’s success in a particular career.
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Become an Apprentice…Don’t just get a job; get a career!

There is no one-size-fits-all path to a successful career, but a TranZed Apprenticeship works to bring you the best of both worlds: classroom instruction and relevant on-the-job learning. All while earning a salary.
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Transforming education for a better workforce.

Apprenticeships 4 America

Apprenticeships4America will contribute to the development of the apprenticeship movement across the USA, by fostering collaboration between employers, registered apprenticeship providers, and government agencies to discuss challenges, develop solutions, and take action.

Please use the link to complete the survey before or during the Conference. Be Part of the Apprenticeship Movement!!!